Hi! I’m Sebastian,
Visual Design Freelancer who loves designing for web and mobile.

Who I am

I'm Sebastian, visual design freelancer and Sketch nerd from Cologne. Since 2008 I use my design skills mainly for mobile app design & responsive web design. In addition I give UI/UX design workshops.
If you think I'd be a good fit for your team, let's work together.

UI/UX design
Design System
Visual Design
UI Design
UX Design
Mobile Design
Responsive Webdesign
Interaction Design
Component Systems
Atomic Design
Pattern Library
Digital Design
Sketch Workshops

What I do

As a freelance designer I work together with others (e.g. tapwork.de, grad7.de) as well as independent for diverse agencies, companies and start-ups.

Some happy clients I can drop here are for example: AXA Digital, XING, XING Coaches, HRS, Toyota (The&Partnership), DKMS (adunique), PENNY (Nexum AG), NABU and further more.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you want to see my current portfolio & CV via E-Mail.

How I work

My passion is UI design: Working on the screen layouts & concepts, designing interaction elements, creating UI components, developing design languages & systems.

Since I see myself as a link between UX and development I like working very close together with the product team, UX designers and developers. The perfect working condition for me is the combination of remote + inhouse at companies as part of agile teams.

Alter egos

As a trainer I’m now proud part of the Cologne based Experience Design Institute XDi and teach people to become Mobile UX & UI Design Specialists or Digital Designer.

Sometimes I write and highlight articles on medium.com.

Hire me

You can mail me if you want to hire me as a team or independently.